Featured Publications

These are my 3 most requested and cited publications.


Muller, J. and A. M. Almedom. (2008) What is “Famine Food”? Distinguishing Between Traditional Vegetables and Special Foods for Times of Hunger/Scarcity (Niger). Human Ecology 36(4): 599-607.



Mueller, J. G., H.B. Issoufou*, I. Dan Guimbo.* and A. M. Almedom. (2010) Evaluating Rapid Assessment of Ethnoecological Knowledge: Comparisons of Three Management Areas Through Vascular Plant Surveys and Rapid Participatory Rural Appraisal. Conservation Biology 24:140-150.

There is a pressing need to find both locally and globally relevant tools to measure and compare biodiversity patterns. Traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) is important to biodiversity monitoring, but has a contested role in preliminary biodiversity assessments. We examined rapid participatory rural appraisal (rPRA) (a tool commonly used for local needs assessments) as an alternative to surveys of vascular plants conducted by people with local knowledge. ....


Mueller, J.G., R. Boubacar‡* and I. Dan Guimbo.* (2014). The “How” and “Why” of Including Gender and Age in Ethnobotanical Research and Community-Based Resource Management.  Ambio  EPUB 05: 1-12.